Auto Rubbing Masturbator - Vibration & 2 Heating Levels

Color: Black


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Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Scott J.

I LOVE the size of this one. It really makes it easier to setup and fit into. The other thing that stands out to me is the ease cleaning. The whole interior sleeve comes out, and it's closed on the back end so it doesn't leak out of both ends.

Luitgard E.

First of, let me start by saying this product is mind blowing. I think I may be addicted! The intensity of the "tease" is super adjustable and sensational, and depending on how you choose your settings.Anyone can try to persist on this toy, however, the most unique part of this device lies in its thrusting and vibration mechanism. You can let this device do all jobs, or you can help it, depending on how it feels better. As for cleaning, this device can be said to be simpler. The disassembly and releasing of the sleeve are super simple. To be honest, everything is worth it, buy now, you will not be disappointed.


This is everything we wanted and more!! I wanted something to spice things up with my partner and this toy is definitely it!!! Its powerful easy to use and easy to clean. This is a must buy!!

Josh w.

I really love the climax mode on this toy really does kick it into high gear and gets you there quick, the way you clean it is super easy I like the way you pop it back in and it locks into place, all the modes are nice to rotate through the texture inside is super soft and nice

Johnny M.

Well m giving this product a 5 star review. I work all kinds of different hrs and well I have a high drive so a lot of the times my ole lady isn't up and well we both agreed on me getting a toy so after looking around reading reviews etc we picked this one and real talk it does the job . Totally recommend this product trust and believe I'll be happy with it..!


This was simply fun to use. I was able to please my partner while teasing him! It sucked him in and with the separate functions I was able to bring him to climax in no time!

Leonardo F.

This product was a game changer for solo playing. The suck function and the different modes are incredible. The texture inside is so smooth and feels so good on the skin, it gives great sensations. Also the masturbator looks supercool!!!


If you want a toy that can do it all without having to do most the work then this is it with all the features on it. It takes personal alone time to the next level

Madly M.

So first, this assistant was a lot larger than I figured it was going to be. It stands perfectly on a flat service with its cap on and it greatly resembles r2d2. The is a protective visor over the buttons to prevent accidentally hitting one and ruining your good time. The inner section is really soft, squishy, has nubs and honestly is very similar in feel to the real thing. Its a little on the loud side because when it goes to work, it wants to be sure you get where youre going. If you need a travel buddy, a girlfriend without the drama, or a wife who always has a headache, invest in this thing!


This was a for my s/o and they said they really liked how discreet the packaging was and the settings made it really good for the pleasure aspect, it was really easy to clean and has good suction. They loved it.


Coco combines cutting-edge straight-tube technology with unparalleled dynamic friction rub action. Tailored for the modern man, it blends vigor and precision for an addictive rush. Experience the surge of its up-and-down motion for peak sensory satisfaction. Marrying sleek design with explosive performance, it's a symphony of stimulation that promises an adrenaline-fueled adventure.


Dive into the heart of innovation with this device, where sleek straight-tube design meets the vitality of energetic strokes. Crafted to stir your deepest yearnings through precision-crafted, pulsating movements, it promises a deluge of intense pleasure. Coco stands as your gateway to a world brimming with exhilarating pulsation. Embrace the rhythm, seize the power.


Discover sensory perfection with our groundbreaking product - boasting a luxuriously soft interior meticulously adorned with densely packed stimulating textures, promising an unmatched sensory experience. Immerse yourself in its lifelike realism, where every touch awakens waves of unparalleled pleasure, leading you into realms of uncharted ecstasy and pure fascination.


Prepare to be captivated by our innovative straight-stroke electric masturbator, featuring a channel with triangular-shaped protrusions that promise a journey of unrivaled indulgence. Crafted with precision and designed for maximum stimulation, it offers a dense, irregular friction pattern that perfectly complements your body's curves. This ensures a natural, deeply satisfying experience with each thrust.


Immerse yourself in unmatched pleasure with our product's flawless waterproofing, seamlessly syncing rolling, heating, and vibrating functions. It's like riding a wild storm, intensified sensations without worries. Get ready for waves of pure pleasure, leaving you thoroughly satisfied, craving more.


Experience the zenith of innovation with our revolutionary straight-bar stroking channel, meticulously engineered to redefine pleasure. Crafted to deliver intense sensations and a wide array of tactile feedback, it sets a new standard for sensory indulgence. The dynamic fusion of heating and stroking technology ensures a responsive, high-tech tactile sensation that will leave you breathless.


Get ready for an electrifying journey with our product's silent mastery. Experience seamless indulgence without a whisper, as our innovation sets the bar for discretion with its silent operation. Dive into a realm of unparalleled sophistication, where each moment is tinged with a clandestine allure, pulling you into a world of unmatched indulgence and mystery.

1 - Durable Fortress

Experience heightened pleasure with our electric sleeve. Its premium build ensures lasting enjoyment, enhanced by waterproof and shockproof features

3 -Rubbing Wave

Indulge in pure pleasure with our innovative straight-stroking. Crafted to mimic natural movement, ensuring ecstasy


2 - Adaptive Stimulation

Unlock personalized pleasure with our device's innovative intensity levels. Experience a paradigm shift in pleasure, tailored to your desires

4 -Detach 'n' Rinse

Maintain effortlessly with our product's detachable assembly and adaptable cleaning options, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish